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Providing insight into the workings of the Wyoming State Government

The expression "all politics is local" remains true in Wyoming.  Very few other states have the benefit of the citizens knowing their representatives and elected officials personally.  The actual workings of the state government, on the other hand, can be foggy without in-person observation of the processes, relationships and organizations. 

Written by a self-described civics wonk, this blog seeks to provide greater visibility and understanding of the state government in action so that a well informed citizenry can become more engaged and better served.

Meet The Blogger


Gail Symons | 307-222-8343

     As a fourth generation Wyoming native, Gail is committed to the community and state.  The importance of giving back through active engagement was instilled early on by her mother who was active in governance, education and community and her father who was active in agriculture regionally and state-wide.

     After a successful career as a U.S. Naval Officer and then as a manager with General Electric, Gail returned full-time to Sheridan County.  During the 2016 election cycle, she realized that political campaigns can easily mislead voters who do not have visibility to the actual workings of the Wyoming Legislature.  Civics307 was created to help fill that need.

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