Governor Gordon First Signature: Wyoming Women's Suffrage Day

On Wednesday, 13 February, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon is scheduled to sign his first legislation into law. The Joint Resolution easily passed through the 2019 Legislature to recognize the 150th anniversary of the passage of women's suffrage on December 10, 1869. The Joint resolution was introduced by Senator Affie Ellis with co-sponsors including all the women in Wyoming's 65th Legislature. After a recitation of the many reasons that Wyoming has rightfully earned the nick

Heavy Load for Legislature

The halfway mark for the 2019 Legislative General Session will be passed on Friday, 1 February 2019. In consideration for the completion of the Capitol Reconstruction completion this year, the session, which is normally 40 days, has been shortened to 35 days to allow for a second session celebrating the return to the historic seat of the body. The compressed schedule puts an additional load on the committees and chambers to provide appropriate consideration of proposed bills

How does a bill get passed?

The process for moving proposed legislation to enacted has a minimum of eight votes with each an opportunity for Fail. The proposed bill as initially numbered must make it successfully through the chamber of origin and the second chamber with the same language before sending to the Governor. Along the way, amendments are possible in Committee, 2nd Reading and 3rd Reading in each chamber. If through both and not with the exact language, then concurrence votes and potentiall

Inauguration Day Celebrations

January 7, 2019 will be a busy day in Cheyenne from an early morning prayer service, the swearing-in ceremony through an Inauguration Ball. The Oath of Office Ceremony is free and open to the public; tickets are required due to limited seating. More details including how to request tickets to the Ceremony and to the Inauguration Ball can be found at: All five top elected officials for the state will be sworn in at the 10:30 event.