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But How Did They Vote?

The final 2019 Session roll call vote by each legislator for each of the 503 numbered bills is now available under File Share as "2019 General Session Vote Record." Filters have been added to find how your Legislators voted by Bill, by Category, by Sponsor or be Legislator.

Only 78% of the bills had any recorded vote. The remaining 109 were either not introduced or died in committee without a vote. For those with a vote, the success rate was 55%. Bills failed at various steps along the process including a veto by the Governor. The 117 committee sponsored bills, as expected, passed 68% of the time while the 269 individual sponsored bill were successful only 49% of the time. Because of the disproportionately larger number of individual bills, however, the total passed were 80 Committee and 131 Individual.

More detailed analysis is ongoing and will be published when complete.

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