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Racing to the finish line, slowly

Tomorrow, Wednesday, 27 February 2019 is scheduled to be the last day of the 2019 General Session. For the last week, the House has laid back bills on General File, 2nd Reading and 3rd Reading to accommodate their slow pace of deliberation, debate, amendments and votes. The remaining eight bills originating from the Senate were again laid back to tomorrow. Only seven bills passed on 3rd Reading today, all of which had amendments requiring concurrence by the Senate or they will go to conference committee. Some of these had significant amendments that are likely to fail concurrence.

If that self-induced workload for the scheduled last day was not enough, the Governor made selective vetos within the supplemental budget bill. The Legislature has three days to override the vetoes with 2/3 affirmative vote in each chamber or the budget bill is enacted as altered.

The summary of actions remaining on 29 bills are:

- 8 bills on third reading in the House

- 7 bills passed by the House with amendments back to the Senate for concurrence or conference

- 13 bills already assigned to conference for report out and vote in each house

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