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Withering on the Vine

The second major milestone for the 2021 General Session will occur tomorrow, 12 March 2021. This is the last day for bills to be reported out of Committee in the house of origin. Any not placed on General File will be "dead" in committee and will not proceed through the process.

Currently there are 55 House bill introduced and referred to House standing committees and 21 Senate files introduced and referred to Senate standing committees. Of these 76 bills, 17 of 55 have been scheduled for consideration in House committees while 4 of 21 have have been scheduled in Senate committees. The remaining 59 will have a final status of "Died in Committee, Returned Bill Pursuant to HR 5-4 or SR 5-4."

The legislative process gives each bill a minimum of eleven opportunities to die or fail. Whether that occurs as a result of a vote or being left behind at a milestone is driven by volume of bills, scheduling practices of leadership, as well as failure to obtain sufficient support.

The latest tracker can be found under File Share on this site. As of today, 108 bills have failed, 33 have passed both chambers and been enacted and 299 are active. Also available within File Share is a process map showing the flow of legislation as it winds through the various stages.

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