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Competing Primary Election Bills

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Today in the Senate Corporations Committee, two competing approaches to changes in the Primary Elections for the State were considered. After much impassioned debate on SF0032, Change in Party Affiliation (, the bill came out of committee with a Recommendation of Do Not Pass. An alternative approach was presented as SF0065, Open Ranked Choice Elections ( passed to the General File. In both cases, the committee members discussed the need for greater evaluation and public input as an Interim Topic which is a decision of the Management Council. Debate centered primarily around the First Amendment rights of the political parties for free association and the ability of qualified citizens to vote their conscience independent of political party.

In reference to the Primary Elections, on File Share of this site can be found a file that presents the Wyoming Secretary of State data on voter registration by party and voter participation as well as the Sheridan County Elections Office 2018 primary data.

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